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  1. Two things that manifest long distance relationships instead of usual relationships
  2. Top 10 mistakes people make when trying to manifest their soulmate


  1. How to manifest moving to another country?

Health and wellbeing.png

  1. Does reiki (and energy healing) always work? The answer is both yes and no.


  1. When things are manifesting too slowly, use these two tricks to speed up time

The Dark Side

  1. How to be happy even after seeing the harsh truth of life?
  2. How to manifest something positive when you are in extreme despair?
  3. What to do when you are completely stuck and the Law Of Attraction doesn’t work?
  4. How to change a life circumstance you don’t like using the Law Of Attraction?
  5. A magical word which will turn your reality around: say “enough” to stop a negative manifestation
  6. How to stop being depressed over the suffering in the world and do something instead?
  7. What to do when you have invalidated your journey and manifested your miracles away?


  1. How to open your heart chakra when traditional ways don’t seem to work?